Hi all,
        We are having problems backing up G4s over the network. 
Basically, they get part way through the backup and then Retrospect 
looses the connection. The problem seems to be at the G4 end as once 
this has happened they have lost network connectivity until the next 
restart (sleep and waking seems to restore it as well). This seems to 
be the problem that was addressed by the "Ethernet Update 1.0" and 
our network does seem to come close to the type of network described 
in the Apple TIL on the subject. HOWEVER, installing the Ethernet 
Update doesn't fix the problem, although it may have made it a little 
better (the backup SEEMS to get a bit further).

So, does anyone know how complete a fix the Ethernet Update was? Are 
there reports of G4s still having network problems?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a workaround?

Any other suggestions as to the cause? We have had zero problems 
backing up an iMac, a beigeG3 and an LCIII but the three G4s (and my 
Powerbook (firewire) which we just tested) seem to fail almost every 


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