On Thu, 23 Nov 2000, Retrospect wrote:

> I had major problems with Retrospect & Beige G3 with Asante NICs &
> Asante drivers, even the latest ones.

We too had some simultaneous Asante card "crashes" on several different
flavors (and colors) of machines, only when they were connected to 7016
switches, but Asante sent us new ones (within the past couple of months)
and the problem disappeared.

> ... my backup server was also a Beige G3 running on Asante.

Same here - with never a 519 error.

> ... the Farallon NIC/driver was much more resistant to network errors
> than the Asante.
> Bottom line:  Try Farallon but do get a packet sniffer.

That may very well be the case, and it is definitely worth trying the
Farallon card.  Apropos of sniffers, we just ran a Fluke automtic tester
yesterday, and found that two separate pairs of HP printers were claiming
the same two (supposedly fixed) IP addresses, respectively.  We still
haven't had time to track down the MAC address of one of the offending
HPs, and all printers continue to work - so what the hey <g>.



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