>>>I'd like to give them a way to automatically script
>>>turning the Retrospect client off at the beginning of an experiment, and
>>>to turn it back on at the end (or, more likely, at the next reboot).
>The issue is probably the performance hit when the backup is running, 
>rather than simultaneous access to the files.

Ah, then I have two ideas if this is the case.

1) Give the user priority in the client. This may give enough bandwidth 
to the client while still getting backed up. Or maybe...

2) Make a separate backup server script for those data gathering 
machines. This way, they'll get a warning that the backup is about to 
start. The user can answer with "ok" or they can answer with a delay till 
x time (or for x minutes...I can't recall which it says). This way 
they'll have the option of delaying the backup till their machine is free.

Would that work better for you?


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