Greetings, we have a new Ecrix VXA tape drive and Retrospect 5.15,
having various problems. Mostly "Lost communication with device" and
error -204. (No, I'm not trying to save the catalogue to the device nor
backup the desktop.) The drive will work with a "dumb" program like NT
backup, but fails on every machine I've tried except an ancient P200,
when using Retrospect. I know there is something that I must be
overlooking but I can't find it.
My environment is NT4.0 servers (9 of them, mostly Dell) all clients at
5.15. The drive will only backup about 3 to 4 gb before I get one of
various messages as mentioned or the program just hangs with no message.
Thanks to all.
Russ Muncy
Salem City Schools

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