I've just setup a LaCie 15 tape AIT2 library (750 GB native capacity) with
Retrospect 4.3 and ADK 1.8. Finally I can do a full 220 GB backup without
having to manually change tapes (usually).

The loading mechanism (a "Treefrog" I think) has a built-in bar code reader
and scans each tape when looking for the next tape. Our tapes are not
currently bar coded and Retrospect loads each tape when looking for a blank
tape. Can Retrospect make use of bar codes? Currently our tapes are not bar
coded, but if it reduces the wear and tear then we'll do it...

By the way, this new tape library replaces a problematic AIT2 tape drive
directly attached to our G3 ASIP 6.3 file server. We found that the server
was frequently crashing during backup. Now Retrospect runs on my G4
workstation over 100 Mb ethernet. As a bonus, we're getting 250 MB/minute now
instead of about 200 MB/min! Go figure.


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