>  >Secondly, I'm looking to buy a Mac-compatible CD-RW drive for use 
>with Retrospect 4.3. I've looked at the hardware compatibility list, 
>but the problem I'm having is that a lot of these drives have been 
>superceded by newer models.
>>So, can anyone recommend a recently purchased Mac-compatible 
>>external CD-RW drive which has a SCSI-1 connection?
>I've recently been through this (in the UK) with no success. 
>Retrospect requires packet-writing capability and most 
>Mac-compatible drives don't support it.
>La Cie used to make a drive that does this, and it is listed in the 
>compatibility chart, but they have since changed the drive mechanism 
>supplier and it is no longer compatible.
>Please post back to the list if you succeed in finding something 
>that works, especially if it is a USB drive.

Thanks Nicholas,

That's not very encouraging news. We are currently using a TEAC 
CD-R58S drive with our Macs, but there is a problem with them where 
backup disks are corrupted if the data backed up in one session 
exceeds 600MB.

I shall continue my search, and if I find anything suitable I'll report back.


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