>Secondly, I'm looking to buy a Mac-compatible CD-RW drive for use with Retrospect 
>4.3. I've looked at the hardware compatibility list, but the problem I'm having is 
>that a lot of these drives have been superceded by newer models.
>So, can anyone recommend a recently purchased Mac-compatible external CD-RW drive 
>which has a SCSI-1 connection?

I've recently been through this (in the UK) with no success. Retrospect requires 
packet-writing capability and most Mac-compatible drives don't support it.

La Cie used to make a drive that does this, and it is listed in the compatibility 
chart, but they have since changed the drive mechanism supplier and it is no longer 

Please post back to the list if you succeed in finding something that works, 
especially if it is a USB drive.


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