Butler SQL 2.5.2 (the version I'm using) is Apple-scriptable. The 
User manual contains a sample script for it (if you don't have access 
to the manual, let me know, and I'll send it to you). The User manual 
has a whole chapter dedicated to backup strategies (and the Reference 
Guide goes into greater detail) and also states the following:

Butler SQL includes support for online backups using its Backup command.

The Backup command is necessary because it is not possible to
make reliable copies of files that are in use. For example, you do not want
to backup a database that includes partially completed transactions.

Butler SQL's Backup command:

* waits until all current transactions are completed,
* makes a copy of the one or all of the databases installed on the server, and
* detaches the database journal and activity logs.

While the backup is in progress no users will be allowed to update the
affected databases or begin a database transaction. Users will, however,
be allowed to view data in the databases. Once the Backup command has
completed normal access to the server will be restored. At this point you
can then use your backup software to copy the files to archival media.
Refer to the SQL Reference Guide for a detailed description of the Backup

The backup command can be issued from any application that allows you
to send SQL to a Butler server. For example, you could use AppleScript to
write an applet that connects to your server, issues the backup command,
then disconnects. Here is a simple AppleScript script that will backup a
database on a server...


Good luck,

Jim Coefield

>Subject: Backing up a Butler SQL Server
>From: "Phil Geller" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2000 07:40:40 -0800
>A client is using a Butler SQL Server to support a Panorama database.  This
>database stores data in RAM.  I would like to Retrospect server, running on
>the same system to shut it down, so that the data is flushed to a file,
>before the backup starts.  Butler SQL is not Apple Scriptable (at least
>without an optional add-on, which may not be available for this version... I
>haven't researched that yet.)
>Does anyone have thoughts on the best way to deal with this?  What I've done
>for now is shutdown and restarted the server just before the backup begins.
>If it works that should update the database file.
>Phil Geller
>Macintosh Consulting for the Small Office and Home Office
>voice: 650 493-8689
>fax:   650 493-8587

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