Just for the record, there are no known issues with the Retrospect client
and IP net router. If you are having troubles with this client during
backup, I'd recommend that you gather details and get in touch with
Technical Support: [EMAIL PROTECTED] That way we can have a look at
what may be going on, configuration, other possible conflicts and the like.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support

> Subject: Retrospect 4.3 network client & IP NetRouter on OS 8.1 imac
> A client whose imac I recently added the Retro client to has complained of
> instability since it was added. He has the configuration above. I am
> thinking of upgrading him to OS 9.04 anyway but is there any known conflict
> with OS 8.1 or IP net router?
> ***************************
> Rob Findlay

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