I currently back up about 30 volumes on about 10 clients, mostly Macs.

After doing a full backup and maybe 20 incremental backups, I have 
used up 5 DDS-3 tapes (native, 60GB, with compression, more like 
80GB). Roughly two/thirds of the backup data is from the full 
backups, the rest from the incrementals.

Here's my question, I would like to find out which volumes are 
responsible for what percentage of the incremental backup data for a 
particular backup set. I'm sure I could pore through the various 
reports logs and figure this out by hand, but is there a quicker way? 
Basically, I'd love a report that looks something like this:

Volume Name      Full     Incrementals
abc                     2.5GB     1.2GB
def                      1.7GB     0.4GB
ghi                      2.1GB     6.8GB
jkl                      8.2GB     2.1GB

If I had a report like this, I could immediately see that "ghi" is 
generating a disproportionate amount of new data from day to day and 
investigate.  ("jkl" takes up a similar amount of tape, but the 
incremental numbers seem a lot more proportional.)

Is there any good way to generate a report like this? -Steve

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