To the assembled font of Retro-Wisdom:

I've been searching the archives to see if there is an answer to my
questions, but haven't hit upon one.

I have multiple problems, but I think they all have to do with Win 2k
(isn't Windows one of the more tenacious viruses?).

I've got Retrospect 4.3 installed on a Beige G3/300 Mac with an ATTO UW SCSI
card and an HP DDS-4 drive attached to that.  OS version is 8.6, 192M RAM,
with an Asante 10/100 Enet card.

My first problem is that the system will crash when *comparing* Windows 2000
Professional systems. If I run a backup without compare, it runs 100% of the
time.  If I ask for verification, it will crash 100% of the time (but not on
the same machine).

I brought in my PowerBook (Pismo 400) to test with and I was able to backup
& compare to a file (rather than tape) two of the problem systems without
any trouble (ran out of disk space after 2 systems).

So, I'm stumped on this, unless there's an issue with updating to 4.3 vs
installing direct-though I can't see why.

My other problem is that now the application can't see most of the clients
(Configure-Clients-Network).  After we cut over to a new switched network on
12/15, I couldn't see any Windows clients (either from the G3 or the
PowerBook).  I can see any and all Mac clients.   When I returned on 12/22,
I could see two of the Win Clients, both of which resided on Switch #1.
Moving a machine from Switch #2 to #1 (restarting it after the move) didn't
change the result for that system.

The network looks like this currently:

Linksys <--> Linksys EZXS16W 10/100 Switch (#1) <--> Win Client/Mac Client
BEFR41  <--> Linksys EZXS16W 10/100 Switch (#2) <--> Win Client/Mac Client
Router  <--> Linksys EZXS55W 10/100 Switch      <--> Win Client/Backup Mac

The previous net config was something like:

Linksys <--> 3com OfficeConnect 16 Port 10bT Hub <--> Win Client/Mac Client
BEFR41  <--> 
Router  <--> Linksys EZXS55W 10/100 Switch <--> Win Client/Mac Backup App

The Windows machines are a mix of 95, 98, & 2k Pro.

I've tried pinging each client machine-100% success. I've tried adding by
address-100% failure (519).

Prior to the cutover, I could see most, but not all, of the Windows systems.
The two that didn't appear I used the the Registry edit hack to get them to
show; those are two of the eight that don't appear.  We are running DHCP,
but I can't even see the clients in the discovery phase (when Retro uses a
UDP multicast to find the clients).

The one thing I haven't tried is uninstalling and re-installing the client,
given the fact that they were working previously.  Also, I keep hoping that
if enough time goes by, all the clients will magically reappear (two showed
up later on 12/15, after I had left).

Right now I've exhausted my knowledge as well as the specialized knowledge
of friends & colleagues in both the Windows and network space.  If anyone
has any suggestions, I'd be more than happy to try them out.

I hope everyone has had a good Christmas (if that's your persuasion).

Thanks in advance for your ideas.


Jonathan A. Duke
Most people HAVE to use a PC. I GET to use a Macintosh!
On the Eighth day God created Macintosh.

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