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Is there a way of monitoring the inclusion of very large files that are
regularly backed up by Retrospect? I'd like to obtain a list of files
over a certain size (over a few hundred MB, perhaps) *and*, if possible,
the names of the computers from which they came. The files are usually
names 'Inbox' and 'Sent'.

Is there some way of doing this automatically, perhaps via AppleScript,
at times when the backup servers are not running?
 If this is a common query, please contact me offlist (please use
[EMAIL PROTECTED])  and allow me to post to the list a summary of all
suggestions received (without disclosing their senders' e-mail
addresses). Some background is provided below, in case you're wondering
why I'd need to do such a thing.



With the volume of our backed-up data increasing rapidly, I've been
asked to try to monitor the inclusion of abnormally large files in the
regular backup: those of at least several hundred megabytes. At this
site, these files generally represent e-mail folders and they're usually
inboxes and 'sent mail' folders that change every weekday. Our backup
strategy uses weekly DLT tape changes in 20 Retrospect installations,
using Macintosh G3 hardware to back up WinNT and Mac OS  computers -
about 1,000 at this site. To reduce network load and to improve the
speed and reliability of our backup scheme, we'd like to identify users
who need to file their mail a little more effectively, hence the need to
find large files and their owners. (At this stage, our file storage
strategy does not make much use of file servers or home drives. This
will change...)

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