I've used Retrospect on my home network (two PCs and a Mac) for nearly a
year and it is exactly right for my needs. 

I am also responsible for  my company's IT environment. We use ArcServe
for the backup software - the server running on a Windows NT server, a
Dell PowerVault twin-drive 30-tape library and the ArcServe agent
running on each of a dozen or so NT servers. I don't find ArcServe
particularly usable or flexible, so I am thinking of looking at
alternatives. I would also like to (although we don't do this now) have
an arrangement to back up the laptop users (about 30 or so) who tend to
store a lot of data on local machines.
Data volumes are around 250 GB for personal data and another 35 GB or so
for Notes databases. Due to the way Notes mail works, a fair proportion
of that 35 GB turns over each day.

So... the question is, since I am planning to look at the market for
backup software for bigger systems, would it be reasonable for me to
include Retrospect in the candidate list? Is anyone on the list backing
up systems on this scale?

Any advice welcome.


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