>       I've Retrospect server v4.2 running on a Macintosh machine 
>and it's backing up both win & mac clients. I specified a certain 
>folder that Retrospect should backup by including the pathname (eg. 
>C:\windows\profiles or C:\My Documents) that matches the folders. 
>However, that didn't work. Does anyone have any idea on how to 
>specify the pathname for windows client on a mac retrospect server? 
>I've look at http://www.dantz.com, but the site didn't help at all. 
>Thank you

The "C:\windows\profiles\"    should work, but the "C:\My Documents" 
probably got shortened to the DOS name, which is something like 

The long filename support is at the GUI level, not the DOS level, 
which is what Retrospect uses for the names it stores.  It does keep 
the long names, but it does that the same way Windows does I would 
suspect.  Kind of like a key sheet that keeps track of association of 
the long names with the actual names.

Better way to find out what the specific complete path name is, would 
be to bring up a DOS or command line and look at the filenames. 
Specifically, on a Win9x machine, bring up the DOS prompt and travel 
through the directories using DOS commands.


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