Ok, I have two systems, one is a B&W G3 with Adaptec 29160 card and 
it has a CD-RW as well as a DLT drive and the other is a Beige G3 
with internal SCSI and also has a CD-RW as well as a DLT drive.

The B&W G3 just got the CD-RW added to it and now it has a problem 
where the whole machine locks up solid (power down to reboot).

The Beige G3 has been doing the same for a long time now, but what is 
strange about it is that it only happens on the first machine backed 
up.  All the backups after the first will work normally. (after 
rebuilding the catalog of course).

Neither of these two machines exhibit any other problems at all.  If 
I take the CD-RW off the system, no problems.  I would say that it is 
a CD-RW problem, but why?   Why does everything else work normally? 
Meaning, I can burn CD's just fine, I have no problems with any 
crashing on those machines except within Retrospect.

I thought about throwing some blank media in the CD-RW to see if 
Retrospect is trying something with it, but have not because it does 
not make sense that it would unless I tell it.


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