Hi Steve!

Retrospect ignores AppleShare PDS files on purpose. In fact, I don't believe
they will even show up in the browser window when you do a manual file
selection. We ignore them because we keep track of and restore file
privileges separately.

If you MUST back up a PDS file, check out Apple's Tech Info Library article


I hope this helps!

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

Steve Maser <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Can this be done?
> I have Retrospect 4.3 running on my ASIP 6.3.x server.  The invisible
> "AppleShare PDS" file is always "open", so it's not getting backed up.
> Anybody know an easy way of backing this file up, short of turning
> the file server off, making a copy of it, then backing up the copy?
> (Or am I missing something in Retrospect that would let me do this?
> I back up other invisible files with no problems.)

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