Hello retro,
    I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a back-up script/system I've put together.
I am backing up our ASIP server via mounted volumes on another host G4 computer to a Mac
file on a USB 60 gig HD.  Things are working great!!!   I have two back-up set files that sum up
to about 29 gigs (compressed).  Daily back-ups affect the file size only minimally.  ( did I express that I am very
happy with this setup? :-)  Anyway, I am about ready to throw a stick in the spokes of my system though.
This small USB (buslink) back up drive is great.  It can be unplugged and carried if needed.  Here
is my q:  (finally)
    We bought a second USB (buslink) 60gig drive.  Our Idea is to alternate the two drives every week. (similiar
to changing tapes)  We then would take the "off-drive" to an off-site location.  (because of our xtreme paranoia)
So, since I have a full backup on this first drive I need to know the best way to get the second drive going.  My
thinking was I could manually copy the back-up set files from #1 drive to #2 drive and then name the second
drive the same as the first (after shutting off the first drive of course)  Would retrospect recognize this as the same
back-up set? If yes, in another week or so when its time to change back to the first drive,  is there any problems
relating to the scripts that would see the old info as a conflict?
    With tapes, Retro can ask you for the appropriate b/u tape.  But I am not sure about alternat HD's
    If this is not going to work please offer alternitive routes using our goals and equipment.
Thanks.   - D

-- Donovan D. Brooke
Systems Administrator/
Assc. Art Director
Epsen Hillmer Graphics

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