Hi Donovan,

You'll want to create two new, uniquely named backup sets that are stored on
the second drive. If you are not formatting the drives as removable media
then the drive name is not relevant. Keep everything separate and distinct.

Modify your scripts to include rotating backups to these new file backup
sets. Creating another set directly from the source is better than copying
from one backup set to another backup set, which ends up being a copy of a

If the correct drive isn't connected at the time of backup, the backup will
fail with an error -43, file/folder not found. There is no media request as
there is with other types of media.

Two things to remember:

1. Do not format the drives as removables.
2. There is no such thing as extreme paranoia in regards to backup data


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support
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Hello retro, 
    I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on a back-up
script/system I've put together.
I am backing up our ASIP server via mounted volumes on another host G4
computer to a Mac file on a USB 60 gig HD.  Things are working great!!!  I
have two back-up  set files that sum up to about 29 gigs (compressed).
Daily back-ups affect the file size only minimally.  ( did I express that I
am very happy with this setup? :-)  Anyway, I am about ready to throw a
stick in the spokes of my system though. This small USB (buslink) back up
drive is great.  It can be unplugged and carried if needed.  Here is my q:
    We bought a second USB (buslink) 60gig drive. Our Idea is to alternate
the two drives every week. (similiar to changing tapes)  We then would take
the "off-drive" to an off-site location.  (because of our xtreme paranoia)
So, since I have a full backup on this first drive I need to know the best
way to get the second drive going.  My thinking was I could manually copy
the back-up set files from #1 drive to #2 drive and then name the second
drive the same as the first (after shutting off the first drive of course)
Would retrospect recognize this as the same back-up set? If yes, in another
week or so when its time to change back to the first drive,  is there any
problems relating to the scripts that would see the old info as a conflict?
    With tapes, Retro can ask you for the appropriate b/u tape.  But I am
not sure about alternat HD's
    If this is not going to work please offer alternitive routes using our
goals and equipment.
Thanks.   - D 

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