Strange oddity...

I did a new backup last night and of the 10 machines it backs up, 
only 2 were a complete backup.

Strange thing is that it excluded a bunch of files that it was not suppose to.

I do have some selectors:

exclude: filename contains AppleShareIP Mail
          filename starts with Meeting Maker
          Folder name exactly matched pub
          Folder name contains DiskImage

On all of the machines, except one, there is no folder called pub or Diskimage.

On the one machine, the folder called pub is a public ftp directory, 
and the DiskImage contains disk images of linux distros.

Other files it excluded were things like "Documents" and desktop folders.

What clued me into seeing there was a problem was the log showed only 
a couple of the users that had over 200MB backed up.  Considering all 
of these computers have a system folder larger than that made it 
quite obvious.
There are 7 Macs and 3 PC's.  1 of the PC's got backed up 100% and 
the backup server backed itself up 100%.  Looks like none of the Macs 
had a full backup.

I've never had a problem with this, although I did add the last two 
selectors just recently.

Yes, I did make sure the media was blank. Yes, I did reset the backup 
set (actually done automatically when you erase the tape).

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