At 11:59 AM +0000 1/18/01, Mark Witrylak wrote:
>As I am migrating my users to the MacOS9 environment, I am observing more
>and more of them missing a backup with message "User Deferred" being
>reported on my log:  I have checked the user-guide and e-mailed
>euro-support@Dantz, both to no avail.  Has anyone seen/overcome this
>problem?  (server is 4.3 on OS8.6, clients are 4.2a/4.3)

Are you using a Backup Server environment?

I have the laptops in our office backed up using a backup server 
during the day, wherein the users can defer the time of backup. But I 
use a non-server environment at night to back up the desktop clients, 
so there is no chance of the user deferring.

Julia Frizzell
"Insert pithy quote here."

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