Ok, I'm going to see if I can clear this up.  You probably don't have 
this problem Steve.  It looks like he is creating separate backups 
for each folder.  Meaning, each folder on that one client is acting 
like another client.  Therefore, after the first one is backed up, 
and the machine is set to shutdown after backup, the machine shuts 

If you are using selectors, you shouldn't be having this problem at all.

>Well that's not good news.  Right now, my backup scripts back up 2 
>specific folders- the Documents and System Folder: CE Software: 
>QuickMail Internet: Users (the stupid home of QuickMail Pro mail 
>until 2.1 allowed you to move it).  I wouldn't like only getting one 
>of the 2 folders on each pass.
>If the computer is NOT sitting on the screen saver when the Backup 
>Server does it's job, will all the folders be duplicated?
>I'll try to verify this myself, but right now 'm fighting a Device 
>Trouble error 209.  I think I've sidestepped it by just moving to a 
>new tape, but I'm always worried about the ability to restore in 
>these situitations....
>Steve Yuroff
>Network and System Administrator
>The Hiebing Group
>Madison, WI.

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