At 11:53 -0500 1/25/01, Parthenon West wrote:
>Apple is now installing the Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD recorder in it's 
>machines.  I've read a lot of articles about the drive, but NO ONE 
>mentions burning computer data on it, just music and movies!

I don't know how this affects data writing/reading, but you might 
want to read this:


"...What is wrong is when companies who make copy-protecting products 
don't disclose the restrictions to the consumers.  Like Apple's 
recent happy-happy web pages on their new DVD-writing drive, 
announced this month ("

>Will Dantz support it?

Eric announced that Dantz would be supporting the drive and that 
"It's a VERY high priority"


Steve Axthelm
Mudpuppy Studios

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