I don't want to roam TOO far afield with this DVD-copying thread, BUT
... I believe this is a most important matter that in one way or another
touches, or will touch, EACH of us who uses a computer or buys
audio/video toys:

I searched google on DeCSS (code to UNscramble CSS or 'content
scrambling system') and came up with many pages of info on it, including
the URL I pasted above.  It describes WHAT DVD-CSS folks are doing, and
WHY.  It should be no surprise that the bottom line is the USUAL bottom
line: more money for themselves and their stockholders; and controlled
-- and fewer -- choices for consumers ... (ah, the glories of megamergers!)

 I myself am involved in service-oriented work, and believe STRONGLY
that if one resonates with another's creative endeavor, one SUPPORTS
that creativity by PAYING MONEY for it.  But when someone buys my book,
I do NOT believe that I should have a right to charge them EVERY TIME
they re-read it, or share it with a friend!  Buy once, own forever ... !

I think DVD/CSS would-be-controllers might well be pinching off their
own noses to spite their faces on this.  Geeks seem to believe that the
new G4/OS X combo (for one) shows much promise a/f/a getting around CSS
restrictions goes -- after all, the G4s were MADE to create/edit
audio/video projects ...  

The forced (unskippable) ads at the beginning of DVDs might be a good
place from wch public resistance to this outrageous and intrusive
arm-twisting might start:  boycott those who advertise on DVDs, and let
the advertiser know why you've decided to be part of a national boycot
against them.  They and the player-designers will get the message, but
first you gotta talk their language ($$$) ... 

     - ilyes

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