thanks, Steve, for the turn-on to this piece ... this is a dangerous
precedent I, for one, don't want to encourage ... it's another example
of how the huge transnationals press forward in their determination to
whittle away at and attempt to restrict and direct consumer choice.

the best way to NOT support this kind of manipulation is to get the
article above tightened down to a SIMPLE and short piece (ie, here's the
policy, here's what you will and won't be able to do because of it),
then get it 'round the Internet, and encourage folks to NOT buy these
players until they include built-in options for copying.  their pay and
pay and pay-per-view (or per-listen) coercion is UNacceptable, and I
believe if folks were made aware of these up-coming products they'd
decline to buy them, too.  I can't imagine anyone willingly buying in to
this kind of self-censorship once they're aware of the implications.

     - ilyes

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Steve Axthelm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I don't know how this affects data writing/reading, but you might 
want to read this:


"...What is wrong is when companies who make copy-protecting products 
don't disclose the restrictions to the consumers.  Like Apple's 
recent happy-happy web pages on their new DVD-writing drive, 
announced this month ("

>Will Dantz support it?

Eric announced that Dantz would be supporting the drive and that 
"It's a VERY high priority"


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At 11:53 -0500 1/25/01, Parthenon West wrote:
>Apple is now installing the Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD recorder in it's 
>machines.  I've read a lot of articles about the drive, but NO ONE 
>mentions burning computer data on it, just music and movies!

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