I was just wondering if anybody else is seeing this:  Since upgrading 
my backup Macs (G3/266 with 128M RAM) from 9.0.4 to 9.1, the behavior 
of Retrospect is "sluggish" if any backups have taken place.

If I restart, I can fly around Retrospect menus, etc, like normal, 
but once a number of "backup server" backups have occurred, the 
behavior of the app is really slow.

The actual *backups* are going at the same speed as before, but the 
system is now sluggish when doing things like switching between 
Retrospect and the Finder.

Retro has the default amount of RAM (and it dynamically grows as 
usual), so it's not a question of running out of RAM on the Mac.

Anybody else see this?

- Steve

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