> I have a customer who is running Windows 2000 and is on DSL. I have
> access to his computer with Timbuktu Pro. I would like to backup
> files from his computer to my server (Mac). I also have a PC on my
> network running Windows 2000. Is there a way to mount his drive or
> files using my PC then have Retrospect backup specifice files from
> the mounted drive on my PC. I currently backup file from my PC to my
> Mac server using  the client software.

I think the best way to do this would be to put a Retrospect Client on your
customer's PC then just back it up directly.

You'll want to make sure the customer has a fixed IP address.

If the customer doesn't have a fixed IP address and you do, you can still
back up the computer (but you'll need to be more creative). You'll have to
put Retrospect on your customer's PC and then a client on your PC. Then, you
can use Retrospect's duplicate feature to copy the data from the source PC
to a folder (or another disk) on your PC and then back up your PC as you
normally would.


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