Thanks Craig. I never thought of that or new you could do that. The 
customer does have a fixed IP address.


>  > I have a customer who is running Windows 2000 and is on DSL. I have
>>  access to his computer with Timbuktu Pro. I would like to backup
>>  files from his computer to my server (Mac). I also have a PC on my
>>  network running Windows 2000. Is there a way to mount his drive or
>>  files using my PC then have Retrospect backup specifice files from
>>  the mounted drive on my PC. I currently backup file from my PC to my
>>  Mac server using  the client software.
>I think the best way to do this would be to put a Retrospect Client on your
>customer's PC then just back it up directly.
>You'll want to make sure the customer has a fixed IP address.
>If the customer doesn't have a fixed IP address and you do, you can still
>back up the computer (but you'll need to be more creative). You'll have to
>put Retrospect on your customer's PC and then a client on your PC. Then, you
>can use Retrospect's duplicate feature to copy the data from the source PC
>to a folder (or another disk) on your PC and then back up your PC as you
>normally would.

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