Hi all,

    I see this behavior:  When I run a backup on some PCs, a number of 
the same documents will be listed as an "execution error" with the 
"can't read file <filename>, error -43 (file/folder not found)".

    Now, I know this message occurs if the file is 
moved/deleted/modified *during* the backup process (as this 
frequently happens on "new" backups of machines that take hours and 
are in use at the time).

    But the same sets of files on the same set of computers report 
these errors even on repeated incremental backups after the initial 

    When I contact the users, they indicate they can open the files on 
their end with no problems.

    Any suggestions as to what's going on here?  The backup server 
machines are running Retrospect 4.3 on the Mac and the target clients 
are running the Windows gamut from Win98/WinME/WinNT/Win2000 -- all 
running the 5.15 client.

- Steve

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Dept. of Mechanical Engineering  |                          -- Ayn Rand

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