Right now, I'm using Retro to do an immediate duplicate from a B&W G3 to the new 
Titanium Powerbook the owner will be using.  I shut down the G3, and left it at 
"waiting for backup", which should exclude any background processes from running.

When I started, it was copying at over 100MB/min.  An hour later, it was copying at 
25MB/min.  Now, 18 hours later, it's verifying at 0.8MB/min.  All machines are on a 
100B switched network, with no other traffic going on- it's Saturday morning, the 
office is closed.  Server is a beige G3 233.

I've seen other Retro clients start with very nice speeds, then drop to pathetic 
thoroughputs. Does anybody have any input on why this happens?  At this rate, the 
duplicate won't be verified before Monday AM (not that it matters- I'm going to have 
to abort the verify, as this is unacceptable).  What should I do about this?


Steve Yuroff
Network and System Administrator
The Hiebing Group
Madison, WI.

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