I'm back to the list after a month off. I now work from home and have run 
into a problem with backup.

Earlier this week I swapped components between my SuperMac S900 and 
SuperMac J700. Both machines have the same motherboard, although the J700 
has two less PCI slots on that motherboard.

Both computers have Newer G3 daughter cards and Umax SuperMac E100 cards, 
which provide 10/100 ethernet and fast-wide SCSI.

I use a VXA drive for backup. Everything was working flawlessly under Mac 
OS 9.0.4 and Retrospect 4.2 on the S900. I set the S900 up for one of my 
sons, moving the hard drive from it to the J700. Everything should have 
run exactly as before.

I should be so lucky.

Ever since then, I've been getting miscompare errors. The only two 
changes are the box and an upgrade to Mac OS 9.1 just before I moved all 
my files to my new titanium PowerBook.

I have upgraded to Retrospect 4.3; this has not helped.

I suspect either the E100 card or an incompatibility with Mac OS 9.1. 
Before I tear two computers apart to swap cards or do a system downgrade, 
I'd appreciate feedback from list members as to the more likely cause.


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