There are a lot of factors that may be contributing to this slowdown,
including network issues and device communication problems. What if you do a
backup instead of a duplicate? What kind of performance do you get when
doing local operations? I would strongly suggest that you give us a call and
we can go through some troubleshooting to pinpoint what may be going on.


Irena Solomon
Dantz Technical Support

>> Right now, I'm using Retro to do an immediate duplicate from a B&W G3 to the
>> new Titanium Powerbook the owner will be using.  I shut down the G3, and left
>> it at "waiting for backup", which should exclude any background processes
>> from running.
>> When I started, it was copying at over 100MB/min.  An hour later, it was
>> copying at 25MB/min.  Now, 18 hours later, it's verifying at 0.8MB/min.  All
>> machines are on a 100B switched network, with no other traffic going on- it's
>> Saturday morning, the office is closed.  Server is a beige G3 233.
>> I've seen other Retro clients start with very nice speeds, then drop to
>> pathetic thoroughputs. Does anybody have any input on why this happens?  At
>> this rate, the duplicate won't be verified before Monday AM (not that it
>> matters- I'm going to have to abort the verify, as this is unacceptable).
>> What should I do about this?
> Try increasing the memory allocation for Retrospect. On our network,
> 100-T Switched, backup speeds range between 145 and 220 MB/min using 4.3
> with IP clients, not AppleTalk. The tape drive is a Sony DDS-4 4mm DAT.

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