I was plesantly surprised when someone from Dantz Tech Support (SHAME on me for not 
noting who it was!) phoned me to discuss this post.  Let me pubicly thank Dantz for 
taking the step to phone me to help.  Unfortunately, we did not pinpoint where the 
problem lies, but there are some updates to the story, which I'll share in hopes that 
it will someday help someone else (cuz we all search the archives, right?):

This morning I started an immediate duplicate of the source machine (B&W G3) to my 
archive tape set.  It started at a typical 65MB/sec, but again the speed fell through 
the day, looking like this:

11:00A - 65MB/min
1:37P  - 15.4MB/min
3:16P  - 10.7MB/min
4:52P  - 8.1MB/min
5:30P  - 7.4MB/min- which is as I type right now.

I have screenshots that show the speed and monitor window from IPNetMonitor, in case 
they may be of value.

Prior to the backup, I ran DiskWarrior 2.0 on the client, which did find problems in 
the Volume Information of the only disk.  Although DW reported them fixed, my speed 
declines persist.

To address your questions and points, and give more info:
The original post came on a Saturday morning.  Over Friday night, my network traffic 
was at it's lowest possible, so I doubt network congestion is the problem.
My local operations are at the speed I expect.  The backup server can copy to from an 
ASIP server at about 7MB/sec.
Source and destination for the duplicate were both Retro clients.  There would be no 
communication problems with a tape drive in the original post.
Network is 100B switched.
Backup server has 224MB of RAM, 15MB set for Retro preferred.
Between the original duplicate and the above Immediate Backup, I ran a normal 
incremental backup on my LAN.  Copied 7 gigs from an ASIP server at 71MB/sec average. 
Entire copy here is just over 3 gigs.

Steve Yuroff
Network and System Administrator
The Hiebing Group
Madison, WI.

On Monday, February 12, 2001 3:31 PM, Irena Solomon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>There are a lot of factors that may be contributing to this slowdown,
>including network issues and device communication problems. What if you do a
>backup instead of a duplicate? What kind of performance do you get when
>doing local operations? I would strongly suggest that you give us a call and
>we can go through some troubleshooting to pinpoint what may be
>going on.
>Irena Solomon
>Dantz Technical Support
>>> Right now, I'm using Retro to do an immediate duplicate from a B&W G3 to the
>>> new Titanium Powerbook the owner will be using.  I shut down the G3, and left
>>> it at "waiting for backup", which should exclude any background processes
>>> from running.
>>> When I started, it was copying at over 100MB/min.  An hour later, it was
>>> copying at 25MB/min.  Now, 18 hours later, it's verifying at 0.8MB/min.  All
>>> machines are on a 100B switched network, with no other traffic going on- it's
>>> Saturday morning, the office is closed.  Server is a beige G3 233.
>>> I've seen other Retro clients start with very nice speeds, then drop to
>>> pathetic thoroughputs. Does anybody have any input on why this happens?  At
>>> this rate, the duplicate won't be verified before Monday AM (not that it
>>> matters- I'm going to have to abort the verify, as this is unacceptable).
>>> What should I do about this?
>> Try increasing the memory allocation for Retrospect. On our network,
>> 100-T Switched, backup speeds range between 145 and 220 MB/min using 4.3
>> with IP clients, not AppleTalk. The tape drive is a Sony
>DDS-4 4mm DAT.
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