You may have already done this but have you powered everything off and
back on? These small tape drives are really computers with a very
limited user interface and to be honest things like this have a tendency
to have bugs in the error recovery process. Turning everything off and
back on my reset the tape drive to a known state.

This is not a knock against HP but something I've been seeing for 25
years of computer work. Error recovery is one of those areas where
design and testing gets skimped a lot.

> PowerMac 7600/233, Adaptec SCSI card, HP DAT loader (DAT-1 I believe)
> with 6 tape cartridge
> The last time I did a backup the system crashed.
> When I loaded the cartridge again to do a backup Retrospect showed 5
> of the 6 the tapes correctly (3 different Storage Sets, 2 erased, 1
> no EOD (this should have shown as erased)). Tried to start a backup
> and the drive then displayed the requested tape as No EOD Mark, and
> Retrospect lost track of the actual identity of the tape.
> I reloaded the cartridge and then the drive reports that ALL the
> tapes have no EOD mark, and Retrospect displays that all tapes are
> erased.
> Retrospect will not do a verify of the individual tapes and their
> contents, but reports them all as erased.
> The drive does not indicate that it needs cleaning.

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