On 2/15/2001 3:18 AM, "Robin Bateman" wrote:

> Just to add to the complications this client and their Macs are 200 miles
> away so I am working with Timbuktu so cannot see the startup icons load
> Any Ideas?


First thing I'd do is open Extension Manager and make sure the cp is in
there. Next I'd toss all the appletalk-related preferences. After that, it
sounds like a zapping of pram and desktop rebuild might be in order. You'll,
obviously, have to walk them through this stuff (which isn't a lot of fun if
they're not savvy). With clean prefs you ought to be able to narrow it down

You might consider putting Conflict Catcher on these machines so that you
can have better insight into what is and isn't active and what's changed
recently (great for those "I didn't do a thing" client responses).



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