>  > Does anyone know why this happens? What is going on?
>Sounds like the user clicked "Defer" and then didn't enter a time.

The only problem with this theory is that the users are not at their 
desk when it happens.   Believe me, that's one troubleshooting step I 
took.  I walked up to their machine a few minutes before it was 
suppose to backup and watched.   Nobody but me even close to the Mac, 
and the Mac doesn't even come up and give the dialog box asking if 
they want to defer or not.  Went back to the server after about 10 
minutes and the log said "User Deferred".

I'm guessing that, like me, Gary probably starts his backups late at 
night when nobody is around.  My users are 8-5'ers and if they are 
here at 5:05, it's because they are warming up their cars.  ;)


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