At 11:27 PM -0900 22/2/01, matt barkdull wrote:
>What I want to know is what processes are shut down when I say "Shut 
>Down" and it goes to the Retrospect shutdown dialog?
>I mean, does it close all applications?
>Does it kill any of the extension processes like clocks, screen savers, etc.?
>Will it kill the Energy Saver process?  I mean, if the machine is 
>set to shut down in the Energy Control panel at, say 10pm, and the 
>backup starts up just before that, will it prevent the shutdown?
>If the machine is set to startup at a certain time, but it never 
>shut off and still has the Retrospect shutdown dialog, will it do 
>anything at all?

One thing that is significant: it does not unmount server volumes. I 
have trained my users to trash them before shutdown.

Paul Fyfe.

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