I didn't, don't know about Gary.  Except for MS-Office, Eudora, and a 
web browser, all of these systems were fairly plain-jane.  All of the 
applications are shut down too.

Gary, are you using OS9 Multiple users?

I have a good question for Dantz that I think everyone should know, 
but I'll make a new thread for it.

>On 2/22/01 8:50 PM, "matt barkdull" wrote:
>>  Nobody but me even close to the Mac,
>>  and the Mac doesn't even come up and give the dialog box asking if
>>  they want to defer or not.  Went back to the server after about 10
>>  minutes and the log said "User Deferred".
>Do you have something like Okey Dokey installed on the clients?

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