Hi all,

    I've been able to see this one in action.  It's something you 
might want to be aware of.

    If a user puts a PC-formatted ZIP disk into a Mac, the invisible 
file "finder.dat" is created on the disk (as normal).  Other 
invisible folders are created, but they aren't a problem.

    If the user then puts the disk back into the PC and copies the 
*entire contents* of the disk to the hard disk of the PC, then the 
following happens:

    Because the file "finder.dat" is present on the PC hard disk, 
Retrospect 4.3 will indicate that *some* (but not necessarily *all*) 
other files within that folder are "error -43 -- file/folder not 

    And *some -- but, again, not necessarily all -- subfolders* within 
that folder are skipped by Retrospect, too.

    The only workaround I've found is to be sure that all copies of 
"finder.dat" are deleted from the hard drive.  Retrospect does not 
see the "finder.dat" files when it scans the hard drives, so it can't 
be marked out from a selector to address the problem -- unfortunately.

    According to a tech I talked to at Dantz, "this problem has been 
around for awhile" -- but it's not on the knowledgebase.

    The only solution is to delete all copies of "finder.dat" from the 
PC.  The tech suggested "trying the Windows product".  He didn't know 
if this was going to be a problem with the OSX version of Retrospect.


- Steve


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