>Subject: Re: The "FINDER.DAT" bug with Retro 4.3
>From: "Irena Solomon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 12:40:17 -0800


>If you move one of these Macintosh files on a Windows computer, it is
>unusable unless you also move the other files and folder. When you use a
>Retrospect Browser to view a Windows client volume containing these split
>Macintosh files, only a single file appears. When viewed from Windows, the
>extra files appear (unless Windows is set to hide hidden files). When you
>back up the files to a backup set or duplicate them to a Macintosh volume,
>Retrospect integrates them into the single original file.

So, why, is Retrospect *not* backing up the files?

On a folder I had where this was a problem (I couldn't back up the 
files within the folder), I deleted the "finder.dat" file:

The files (and subfolders) within that folder were then backed up sucessfully.

*And* I could open every single file within that folder.

What am I missing?

- Steve

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