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>> I have set up one of my clients with an Ecrix VXA tape drive using the above
>> media. It was my understanding that with the hardware compression built into
>> the drive turned on I would get the full 66 Gig capacity. My client has just
>> rung me to say that Retrospect is requesting a new tape & a quick inspection
>> (over the phone via my client) of the original tape in the scheduled backup
>> set revealed that it has used 33 Gig. I will have to go & investigate this
>> but could someone who knows please tell me if I need to have software
>> compression turned on to get 66 Gig out of the tape or is there something
>> else making Retrospect ask for another tape.

66gig is the maximum at optimum performance. IE: backing up word files on a
local drive.

I have the latest firmware in my drive and while it helped I still only get
about 34-38 gig per tape.

My setup is a dedicated machine running over a switched 100baseT network
backing up mainly graphics files. I get 180meg/min.

I am very happy with this as graphics files are very compressible (sp?).


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