At 1:41 PM -0600 3/1/01, Ben Liberman wrote:
>1.  make sure VXA drive has the latest firmware
>2.  make sure VXA drive has hardware compression turned on
>3.  make sure VXA drive favors capacity over speed
>There are 2 settings, when configuring the VXA drive, that that affect tape 
>    capacity                 [ device] [capacity] [y or n]
>    set_compression          [ device] [set_compression] [y or n]
>I believe that the factory defaults are:
>   set_compression  y
>   capacity         n

>My understanding is that the VXA drive does packet writes and has a variable speed 
>writing mechanism and thus has much less of a problem with inter-record gaps (gaps of 
>about 100k per pause with capacity turned on with about a 10% loss in speed)

I agree that Ecrix is the company most visibly in touch with this problem.

The principals of the company came from Exabyte and learned from the
experience. The VXA drives do a great deal to compensate for data
starvation, particularly considering the low price point of the product.

Setting the VXA drive parameter to favour capacity, however, will still
increase the number of shoe-shines due to data starvation and therefore
increase the backup time.

You make your choices and take your chances, as they say.

Good comments, taken in context!

Houston TX

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