on 3/1/01 8:04 AM, "Garret J. Cleversley" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I am very happy with this as graphics files are very compressible (sp?).
> Garret

Eh? It really depends on the type of file you are compressing.

If the image (or any data for that matter) is already stored in a compressed
format (for example, .gif images are stored compressed), then there is
absolutely no gain and in fact, you might have a negative effect.

For example, a quick and dirty test:

I have a .gif file on disk that is:

12,461 bytes

Compressed with Stuffit, the image becomes:

12,677 bytes

It is actually LARGER in compressed format!

Just wanted to clarify that statement lest anyone become enamored with the
idea that all graphic files compress well.



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