>Subject: How can a client name change?
>From: "David Ross" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:14:04 -0500
>I use a Mac to backup a Dell PIII to a DAT drive. (This was an
>evolution, not a new setup.) Yesterday I realized that the backup wasn't
>working because the name of the PC had changed from "Dell PIII
>Accounting" to "111ES" about a week ago.
>Any ideas as to what could have done this? And the odds of intentional
>action by the direct staff are quite low. The machine is on the internet
>via an ADSL line through IPNR on a 7100. No ports are mapped to the
>Dell. And email isn't used on the Dell. Only surfing.
>So are there any reasonable accidental ways this could have happened.
>Could it be a virus picked up via surfing?

I'm having this problem too.  Irena Solomon from Dantz contacted me 
about this, but they are unable to duplicate this on their end.

I'm primarily seeing this with Win9x laptops.  I'll originally give 
the Retrospect client a name like <computer>@<room number> where 
<computer> is the "machine name".

The machines will back up successfully for weeks, then 
all-of-a-sudden, the Retrospect client will rename itself to 
<computer>.  This happened to about 20 computers (all Win9x 

This also just happened the past week when I updated a laptop from 
Win98 to WinME.  Immediately after I did this, the client was renamed.

Nobody at Dantz that contacted me has any real idea why this is 
happening (I sent them the logs to show that at no time did the Mac 
program do the renaming -- it was pretty clear that this was 
something happening on the client end.)

I've since gone to the practice of making sure the client name is the 
same as the computer name and it hasn't happened since.


- Steve

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