I have the dubious task of using Retrospect 4.3 on a MacOS 9.0.4 machine
to back up several Windows NT workstations onto a mass-storage system
using FTP.  The NT workstations are running Client 5.15 or Client 5.0.

The problem is that when the backup on an NT workstation completes and
Retrospect says "Updating Catalog", I see the "Network Retry" dialog and
after several minutes it times out and I get the 931 error code.

Can anyone think of a reason that this would happen EVERY time the backup
completes?  I thought maybe goofy firewall rules initially, but the
machines are all on the same subnet.

I did change the source from Network Clients to the local machine and that
worked fine, so it seems to be a problem between the clients and the MacOS

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