On Fri, 22 Dec 2000, Rudy Richter wrote:

> I too saw this error code, but it was when I tried to initially connect to
> windows based clients.  it turns out that someone on our segment of the
> center network was doing something funky with their NT box, which was also
> causing Bldg3 to only see resources that were actually located within the

AhHA!  Not quite correct but you steered me in the right direction.  This
morning I brought in a crossover cable and connected the Mac directly to
an NT box.  Worked perfectly (except for an open file...)

Someone pointed out that the Mac had been installed before the name
servers were changed, so I looked at the DNS config on the Mac and it was
trying to use Goddard's main nameservers, not the local ones.  The main
nameservers are firewalled.

Apparently, Retrospect does some type of operation with the nameserver
when writing the notification box to the screen of the client.  Weird, but
apparently true.  Whatever, as long as it's working. :)

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