Hi all,

I've been considering using a default data file, such as
~/.revelation/accounts, instead of using the new/open/save behaviour we
have now.

This means that when Revelation is first started, a new accounts file is
created if one does not exist. This file will then be automatically
opened the next time Revelation is run. Data will be automatically saved
to the file whenever a change is made or the user quits Revelation.

Data can be saved to a different file, in the Revelation format or any
other format, by using "Export File", and data can be imported with
"Import File". It should also be possible to merge in data from a
different Revelation file, for example if the user uses the same file on
many computers - in which case equal entries are ignored, modified
entries are updated, and new ones are added.

This way we can remove the New File, Open File, Save File, and Save File
As items, as well as the settings for automatically opening a file on
startup and automatically saving data on change. It should also be more
intuitive for new users.

The downside, of course, is if the user needs to access different
account databases - for example, one private database for his own
passwords, and a shared one used by everyone at work, for example.

Any thoughts on this, for or against?

Erik Grinaker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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