On Sun, 2006-12-03 at 14:42 -0500, Asheesh Laroia wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Dec 2006, Erik Grinaker wrote:
> > I've been considering using a default data file, such as 
> > ~/.revelation/accounts, instead of using the new/open/save behaviour we 
> > have now.
> Vote +1.
> However, I think you should have a preferences option, both to configure 
> the location of that file, and to re-enable "Multi-file mode".

Hm, I don't think a preference to enable "multi-file mode" is really the
way to go, it seems a bit clumsy, like trying to do two things at once.
But as another poster mentioned, support for using multiple files can be
useful sometimes - I'll have to give it some thought and come up with a
solution that at least makes that possible.

> FWIW, the way I use Revelation is by keeping my Revelation data file in a 
> private Subversion repository so it syncs between computers.  So the path 
> to my Revelation data is ~/svn/private/revelation-data .  With the new 
> suggested behavior, I could configure that with a symlink or in the GUI, 
> but I'd prefer to do it in the GUI.

I think this would definitely be solved best with a symlink - I could
include a gconf setting for it, but a symlink really isn't that much
work to set up :)

> > It should also be possible to merge in data from a different Revelation 
> > file, for example if the user uses the same file on many computers - in 
> > which case equal entries are ignored, modified entries are updated, and 
> > new ones are added.
> That's excellent.  Some of my different machines have gotten out of sync!

Indeed - with the new file format, this should be fairly easy to do.

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