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On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 08:23 -0500, Karoly Molnar wrote:
- to search or group accounts; for example, to have a dropdown for all
the account types when searching, or to display a menu of account types
and all the accounts for them


- to have some common data for a group of accounts, such as the launcher
(so you don't have to manually set up a browser launcher for all web
accounts, or change every account when you change your browser), or the
icon (to visualize the account type in the account list)


- to make template changes retroactively affect the accounts that
belongs to them (for example, adding a field should add that field to
all accounts created from the template, and changing the icon or
launcher should change it for all accounts)


I think breaking the relationship between the account types (or
templates) and the actual entries will make things much less
convenient. Modifying an existing account type (or a template) is
quite likely going to be something I would use, having to manually
recreate or alter the fields on every existing entry of that type
would not be pleasant.

Searching and browsing by type, again also very useful.

I would strongly lean towards keeping a relationship between the type
and the entry.

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