Erik Grinaker wrote:

I've started working on a new file format for version 0.5.0 of
Revelation, and would like to get some comments on it before I go ahead
and implement it.

Thanks, Erik, for all your work.  Revelation is a nice tool.

1. My main concern with something like Revelation (other than strength of cryptography of the encrypted file) is having *all* your passwords, in the clear, in memory, when you've unlocked Revelation. One solution would be to have more than one Revelation and password file, but I wonder if it's more elegant, and simple enough to do, to have an optional separate layer of encryption on selected folders, so you can put, say, your banking passwords in there. It might even have a separate timeout before it locks and purges memory.

2. Not directly related to encryption, but I'll throw it in: can we have custom fields, or be able to define our own templates? To be able to store things like the additional security questions ("what's your Mother's maiden name?") and answers, or a customer number along side your account number, or the phone number for the help desk for your bank, etc etc. This might take Rvl to be more of a PIM, but that might not be a bad thing. This will have a big impact on your XML schema :-)

Tony Lewis

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