Issue 640: Admin->Settings->General->Site Settings->Server adds an extra  
slash to the end of the url.

Comment #11 by GICodeWarrior:
We were running r8914 of django (1.0 rc1).  I have upgraded to a package  
debian(1.0 final), but the error has not changed.

Here is the output you requested.  I also did a __class__ on it.

$ ./ shell
Python 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Jul 31 2008, 17:31:22)
[GCC 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7)] on linux2
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> from djblets.siteconfig.models import SiteConfiguration
>>> siteconfig = SiteConfiguration.objects.get_current()
>>> print siteconfig.settings
{u'mail_host_password': u'', u'cache_backend': u'locmem:///',
u'diffviewer_show_trailing_whitespace': True, u'site_upload_temp_dir': None,
u'locale_datetime_format': u'N j, Y, P', u'auth_ldap_tls': False,  
u'', u'locale_year_month_format': u'F Y', u'auth_ldap_uid_mask':
u'uid=%s,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com', u'mail_server_address':  
u'auth_ldap_uri': u'', u'diffviewer_context_num_lines': 5,
u'diffviewer_paginate_orphans': 10, u'mail_send_review_mail': True,
u'site_media_root': u'/home/rusty/workspace/reviewboard/htdocs/media',
u'locale_language_code': u'en-us', u'auth_nis_email_domain': u'',
u'search_index_file': u'/home/rusty/workspace/reviewboard/searchindex',
u'auth_ldap_anon_bind_passwd': u'', u'site_prepend_www': False,
u'auth_ldap_anon_bind_uid': u'', u'mail_port': 25,  
u'locale_month_day_format': u'F
j', u'locale_time_format': u'P', u'locale_date_format': u'N j, Y',
u'auth_ldap_email_domain': u'', u'search_enable': True,  
u'[EMAIL PROTECTED]', u'auth_custom_backends': [u''],
u'diffviewer_include_space_patterns': [u''], u'mail_use_tls': False,
u'site_admin_email': u'[EMAIL PROTECTED]', u'auth_backend': u'builtin',
u'locale_timezone': u'US/Pacific', u'site_domain_method': u'http',
u'cache_expiration_time': 2592000, u'diffviewer_paginate_by': 20,
u'locale_time_zone': u'US/Pacific', u'auth_require_sitewide_login': False,
u'site_upload_max_memory_size': 2621440, u'locale_default_charset':  
u'mail_host': u'localhost', u'diffviewer_syntax_highlighting': True,
u'site_media_url': u'/reviewboard/media/', u'site_admin_name': u'Test'}
>>> siteconfig.settings.__class__
<type 'unicode'>

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